Can food also be printed? The world's first 3D food printer debut

Grind the mashed potatoes into the food capsules and choose the recipe. After 7 minutes, the six-pointed mashed mashed potato biscuits are “printed”. This amazing creation comes from the world's first 3D food printer, Foodini, which has attracted countless people since it was exhibited in the Barcelona exhibition area of ​​the High-Tech Fair this year.

The 3D food printer, called Foodini, is similar in size to a home microwave oven. Like a normal printer with a different color cartridge, Foodini has five metal capsules for different ingredients. As long as the user draws the food pattern on the computer and matches the raw materials, the electronic blueprint system displays the operation steps of the printer. The six printheads will be squeezed back and forth according to the set trajectory to complete the “build” of the food.

Food can also be printed? Can it be eaten? What is the taste? For this 3D food printer, the audience's face is full of curiosity. It is understood that 3D food printers can only process semi-solid foods. In addition to "printing" simple biscuits, they can also complete complex pasta, burgers and even Chinese familiar dumplings, etc., perfectly simulate and maximize food. Appearance and original taste. In addition, the second-generation product under development will also have an oven function, which can be eaten directly after “printing”.

It is reported that Foodini is developed by the Spanish Barcelona startup Natural Machines (Natural Machines) and produced in China. The target group is Western restaurants, cafes, high-end consumer families and so on. According to Liang Baoping, the head of the company in China, the purpose of 3D food printer production is to compress the length of manual cooking and subvert the traditional way of cooking, setting off a kitchen revolution.

Currently, each Foodini is priced at about 1,000 Euros (about 8600 RMB). At the high-tech fair, many Chinese merchants and e-commerce platforms have come to negotiate and intend to act as agents. Natural Machine Company is very optimistic about the sales prospect of this special "printer".

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