Booster pump installation method

When installing the tap water booster pump, be sure to install it horizontally or vertically in the “Installation Mode” display. The direction of the water flow should be the same as the direction of the arrow on the pump body, and install it as far as possible from the lowest position of the water level. For ease of use and maintenance, a valve should be installed on the pump inlet line. When the pumped liquid level is lower than the upper end surface of the impeller of the pump or the shaft of the pump, the pump should be equipped with a check valve, and the outlet end is connected with a three-way for water diversion. The pump should be filled with water for the first time. Tighten the plug. The pipe connection should be tight, especially if the water inlet pipe cannot leak, otherwise the pump head will be lowered or the water will not be pumped. Do not rotate for a long time before the water is introduced into the pump chamber to avoid damage to the metal seals.

A safety protector is installed in the motor coil. When the pump fails or does not pump water, the motor can be automatically disconnected when the temperature rises above the specified value. After the temperature rise of the motor is removed, the motor can automatically resume operation. The booster pump motor is a capacitor-operated motor. The direction of rotation of the pump is adjusted when it leaves the factory. If you need to replace the capacitor or re-wire, please press the arrow on the pump body to mark the wiring. To ensure safe use, you must use a three-wire safety socket with a grounding wire.

When the pump is leaking, immediately stop the machine to prevent internal leakage. If the water is connected to the motor, replace the mechanical seal. Check if the power is on. Use the power supply voltage to match the operating voltage of the pump. If a and b are normal, please remove the pump, open the pump cover, remove the foreign matter in the pump, and then install the pump cover, and adjust it to normal.

When the pump is not pumping water, the pump is installed on the water pipe. If the tap water level is below the plane (horizontal installation) or center line (vertical installation) of the impeller of the pump, the power should be turned off at this time, and the water level of the tap water should rise more than When the impeller plane or center line is turned on, turn on the power to avoid damage to the mechanism (automatic type does not need to be turned off). When the pump is used to pump well water, please check whether the water inlet pipe is leaking; if there is not enough water in the pump cavity, it should be filled with water, and the suction stroke is too high, and it should be adjusted properly. Check if the inlet and outlet pipe diameter is too small or blocked. After the automatic type of use for a period of time, automatic failure may occur, mainly due to long-term precipitation of metal such as steel rust in the water pipe. After the power is turned off, the switch is removed, the upper screw is unscrewed, the plastic piece is taken out and cleaned, and then , according to the original reset, debugging is normal, you can reuse.

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