Bathroom tile in winter, a few tricks, anti-seepage and mold

Trick 1 tile anti-seepage and anti-mildew measures

The walls of the bathroom are often tiled to keep them clean and bright, and can be cleaned with a multi-purpose decontamination cream. As for the tile gap, you can use a toothbrush to remove a little decontamination paste, and then use a brush to brush a waterproofing agent in the gap. This not only prevents seepage, but also prevents mold Growth.

Trick 2 method to wipe the glass

Spray a large X-shape on a whole piece of glass with a spray-type glass cleaner, then fold the wrung rag and rub it in one direction. When the glass is dry for seven minutes, wipe it with a dry cloth. Again. It can also be rubbed with old newspapers. The ink of the paper can make the glass shine as before, and it can also wipe away the stubborn dirt.

Trick 3 faucet perfect unloading

Faucets (rainheads) often come in a variety of shower gels, shampoos, detergents, etc. You can spray neutral detergent on a soft cloth and gently wipe the tap once a week. Never use an acidic or abrasive cleaner or wire brush to “torture” the faucet.

Trick 4 to make a whitening mask for the toilet

Put a proper amount of water in the toilet, wash it with a toilet brush, then pour about 5-10 ml of detergent or hydrochloric acid, brush it evenly and brush it. If the dirt is heavy, you can pour a little detergent. Brush after soaking until it is clean, then rinse with clean water.

Trick 5 ceramics bright as new

It is convenient and environmentally friendly to clean the toiletries with white vinegar and lemon peel. Wipe the dirt on the surface of the sanitary ware first, then wipe the surface of the sanitary ware with a soft cloth and a little white vinegar or wipe it with lemon peel. In just a little while, the sanitary ware will be bright and fresh, and it will also emit fragrance.

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