Aluminum buckle ceiling price is not thicker the better

The aluminum buckle board is a common base material for home decoration. It is a three-layer composite board with plastic as the core layer and aluminum plate on the outside. It is the main material of the ceiling, and can also be decorated or protected on the surface according to personal preferences. The coating is more beautiful. The aluminum buckle ceiling is used more and more widely in the decoration market. According to the panel width, thickness and hemming height, it is also divided into many types. When selecting, it must be combined with the actual environment of the home. There are a lot of aluminum buckles on the market. Many bad traders often use consumers' awareness of aluminum buckles to a lesser degree, and shoddy, leading consumers to be deceived at the time of purchase. What is the price of aluminum ceilings on the market today? How to buy a high quality aluminum buckle ceiling ? Let's learn about it with me!

Aluminum buckle ceiling specifications

According to the shape of a strip, square, grid-shaped, etc., but the grille shape can not be used for kitchen, bathroom ceiling; the largest rectangular plate size 600mm * 600mm, 300mm * 300mm, the general room width of about 5 meters The decoration of the larger room is made of long strips and the overall sense is stronger. Generally, 300mm*300mm can be selected for the decoration of small rooms. Because of the poor thermal insulation properties of the metal plate, in order to obtain a certain sound absorption, thermal insulation function, in the choice of metal plate for ceiling decoration, you can use thermal insulation materials such as glass wool, rock wool and other methods to achieve the effect of thermal insulation. At present, the aluminum buckle plate on the market includes a bar-shaped aluminum pinch plate, a square aluminum pinch plate, and a metal grid, among which the bar-shaped aluminum pinch plate has the widest range of applications, and there are many manufacturers, and different specifications can be seen. Bar-shaped aluminum buckle plate roughly the following specifications: length is generally 3 meters, 4 meters two; width in 3 cm to 30 cm have touched a variety of specifications; plate thickness is generally between 0.4 to 0.9 mm. The market price is 50 ~ 150 yuan / square meter.

Aluminum buckle ceiling advantages

1. Make up for the deficiencies of the original building structure. If the floor height is too high, the room will look empty, you can use the ceiling to lower the height; if the floor height is too low, you can also handle the ceiling, use the visual error, make the room "change" high. Some residential buildings in the roof of the beam, heating pipes exposed outside is not beautiful, you can cover the above deficiencies through the ceiling, so that the top neat and orderly without significant clutter.

2, enhance the decorative effect. The ceiling can enrich the top shape, enhance the visual appeal, and make the top surface full of personality, thus reflecting the unique decorative style.

3, enrich the indoor light source level, to achieve a good lighting effect. Some residential buildings have a single lighting circuit and the lighting is simple, which does not create an ideal lighting environment. The ceiling can hide many pipelines, and it can also reserve the lighting installation site, which can produce the lighting effect of spot light, line light, and surface light, which makes the indoor coloration much better.

4, heat insulation. If there is no insulation layer on the top floor of the house, and the sun shines directly on the roof in summer, the temperature in the city will be very high. A temperature-reducing layer can be added through the ceiling to achieve the effect of heat insulation and cooling. In winter, it has become a thermal insulation layer, so that the indoor heat is not easily lost through the roof.

5, split the space. Ceiling is one of the means to divide the space. Through suspended ceilings, the two connected spaces of the same height can be made of different heights to divide two different areas. For example, in the living room and dining room, the division of the ceiling can not only make the two divisions of labor clear, but also keep the lower space coherent and transparent, thus serving two purposes.


How to buy aluminum buckle ceiling

How to buy aluminum buckle ceiling - see thickness

In general, pay attention to the thickness of the coating or film and the thickness of the substrate when purchasing the ceiling of the aluminum buckle plate. Many consumers think that the thicker the aluminum buckle is, the better it is. In fact, it is enough that the domestic aluminum buckle plate generally reaches 0.6 mm. Many businesses 忽悠 consumers say that the thicker the better, on the one hand is based on consumers do not understand the situation, the other is to cover up the defects of its workmanship technology, so we must pay attention to, in the purchase, we must look at the product specification , carefully identify.

How to buy aluminum buckle ceiling - see the process

The surface treatment process of the aluminum buckle plate ceiling is divided into spraying, rolling, coating and other methods. Nowadays, the better aluminum buckles are all covered by a film. The film has a layer of PUC film on the surface of the aluminum buckle plate, which can make the surface adhere firmly, without wrinkles, scratches and other advantages. The film is also divided into ordinary film and imported film. The high-quality imported film can be used for 20 years without discoloration, so the price difference between different brands of film is also very large. Touch it with your hand to see if the surface is smooth and delicate.

How to buy aluminum buckle plate - pick the material

The material of the ceiling of aluminum buckle plate is roughly divided into titanium aluminum alloy, aluminum magnesium alloy, aluminum manganese alloy and ordinary aluminum alloy. When selecting, attention should be paid to the use of the finger to strike the aluminum buckle plate. The material of the aluminum buckle plate metal with better material is more obvious. Crisp, poor stuff, boring, metallic sound is not obvious. In addition to the elasticity and toughness of the aluminum gusset plate, one sample plate can be selected and bent by hand. After the aluminum material with good texture is bent, it will rebound to some extent.

How to buy aluminum buckle ceiling - look after the sale

Because the aluminum buckle ceiling is a semi-finished product, it must be professionally installed before it can be used. Therefore, when it is used for the first time, it will be cut according to the shape of the electrical appliance. Therefore, the perfect after-sales service is also a factor to be considered when consumers purchase the aluminum buckle board. . Aluminum gussets and electrical appliances as an important part of the ceiling, it is necessary to coordinate with each other in order to avoid re-cutting the aluminum gusset plate to affect the use.

Aluminum buckle ceiling price

The price of aluminum ceiling ceilings varies according to the specifications, thickness and quality of the aluminum buckles. The following are some of the prices of aluminum buckle ceilings on the market:

Aluminum buckle plate 300 X 300 (0.6 thick) With labor costs Reference price: 60 yuan/m2

Aluminum buckle plate 300 X 300 (0.5 thickness) Reference price: 74 yuan/m2

Aluminum buckle plate 600 X 600 (0.6 thick) With labor costs Reference price: 58 yuan / m2

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to geographical differences, of course, the price will be different. For more details on the prices, please refer to the local distributors!


Aluminum buckle ceiling installation process

First, the line

According to the horizontal line of the floor elevation, use the vertical vector of the ruler to reach the design elevation of the ceiling, play the position line of the keel on the top plate, and bomb the horizontal line of the elevation of the ceiling on the wall.

Second, install the main keel boom

After elevating the horizontal elevation line of the ceiling and the main keel position line, the elevation of the lower end of the boom is determined. According to the position of the main keel and the spacing between the hangers, one end of the suspension rod without bolts is fixed under the floor with an expansion bolt; the boom is used for 6 m. Reinforced steel (8mm flat steel).

Third, install the main keel

Fit the suspender nut and pre-mark the pendant on the main keel. Put the main keel of the assembled pendant into the corresponding hanger bolt according to the position of the splitter wire, and tighten the nut to match the main keel. Fit the fittings, pull the wire to adjust the elevation and straight, attach the main keel to the installation hole, set and connect the fastening.

Fourth, install the secondary keel

According to the already subminded sub keel line, the card is placed with secondary keel triangles, and wooden keel is used. The spacing between the secondary keels is 600mm. The main keel spacing according to the design will be used to suspend the secondary keel through the triangle pendant. On the keel; When the length of the secondary keel needs multiple continuous extensions, use the secondary keel to connect the secondary keel while connecting, straighten and fix it.

Fifth, the installation of aluminum bars

The specification of the aluminum strip is: 25mm*25mm. The elevation of the ceiling is required to fix the aluminum strip around the wall with cement nails.

Sixth, install the aluminum buckle board

When installing the ceiling aluminum buckle plate, press lightly in the order of the flanges and place the two sides of the square plate completely into the secondary keel, and then push tightly. Strictly prohibit loading and unloading; and adjust the side aluminum strips to straighten out the fixed side aluminum plates. According to the design requirements, 600mm*600mm punched aluminum gusset plate is used for the ceiling of the project.

Seven, install lamps and vents

According to the ceiling plan layout, layout lamps and vents; installation of aluminum buckle plate, according to the size of lamps and vents to open holes, install lamps and vents.

Editor's summary: The above is the introduction of the ceiling price of aluminum buckle board, hope to help friends who have this need! As the saying goes, "only the wrong ones are bought and no wrong ones are sold." It is very necessary to care for the quality of services and products. For more information, please continue to follow our website. Follow-up will present more exciting content. You can also purchase more of your favorite products on Qijia Mall!

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