Aluminum alloy door and window hardware matching points

[China Aluminum Network] Doors and windows are an important part of the building and are called the “eyes” of the building. Modern people cannot leave the windows and doors in their work and life. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of living standards, people are increasingly demanding doors and windows. Since the 1990s, China's real estate industry has experienced rapid development, and building windows and doors have also ushered in its golden age. Wood, steel, aluminum alloys, plastics and even glass materials form a diversified, multi-level, multi-category building door and window product structure in China.

With the release of a series of standards for national building energy conservation, the state’s requirements for building energy conservation have been further strengthened and refined. For buildings and doors that have undertaken important energy-saving and emission-reduction tasks, how to improve the energy-saving performance of doors and windows has become an issue that must be faced by the door and window industry. In recent years, more and more architectural doors and windows industry has proposed the concept of "door and window system", from foreign Schüco, Rocky, Arook to domestic Rieger, Canon, and Baklow, all of which are door and window systems. Including profiles, glass, hardware, sealant strips, auxiliary accessories and supporting screens, special processing equipment and installation tools, and doors and windows processed and installed in accordance with the standard process, it is not only a material system, but also a systematic technical support. System after-sales service. Door and window hardware is an important part of the door and window system. This article only discusses the role of aluminum alloy door and window hardware in the door and window system and the issues that should be paid attention to in the matching. It is hoped that they can communicate and make progress together in the industry.

1. Door and window system

1.1 What is a system? A system is a group of interconnected and interacting things. It can also be said that the system is composed of the associated parts of the overall. The overall analysis of the components and the composition of the end-to-end must be combined. Single-referring to a certain unit or focusing only on the macro-environment is not a systematic approach. The system is an organic whole made up of different elements. The elements of the system and the system are relative. In one system, the elements are things. On the other level, they are systems. There are whole and parts between them. Relationship.

1.2 Door and Window Hardware System: The door and window hardware is only the accessories of doors and windows in the usual sense. Although there are also sayings that "hardware accessories are the heart of the door and window system," they haven't really been taken seriously. Door and window hardware is organically combined by hand (entry term “hand held” by the Industry Encyclopedia) parts, transmission locking parts, hinge parts, auxiliary parts and so on, through the system's matching and integration technology, to serve The subsystem of the door and window system. It also requires systematic technical support and after-sales service. We cannot simply say a certain hardware product, nor can we abandon the separate hardware components and talk about the concept of “door and window hardware system”. A systematic idea should be established to make corresponding plans for various hardware products. In the framework of the large "door and window system", changes in profiles, glass, plastic strips, processing techniques, and even opening methods of doors and windows require door and window hardware to make corresponding changes to better serve the doors and windows.

2. Matching of aluminum alloy door and window hardware in door and window system

2.1 When considering the problem of hardware matching in the door and window system, it is first necessary to have an overall research and understanding of the door and window system. Especially in the design and selection of profile sizes, it can be said that there is no good profile as the cornerstone, and what kind of hardware is also better than the final window and door. The profile and hardware must be considered together, and be careful not to select the profile before selecting the hardware. This situation sometimes leads to the lack of matching hardware due to the irregularity of the profile. Now most real estate companies will consider the combination of profiles and hardware and give them a choice. The selection of accessories must consider its versatility and rationality, and at the same time, it must consider the craftsmanship and material quality of accessory production. Of course, there are also alternatives. This situation will definitely bring difficulties to hardware matching.

2.2 Loading (quote "load" is provided by Industry Encyclopedia) Requirements for fittings for windows and doors:

When the hardware is selected, first of all, the three-character function (wind pressure resistance, watertightness, airtightness) and performance requirements of heat preservation, heat insulation, and sound insulation must be guaranteed. In 2012, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development re-issued GB50009-2012 “Loading Code for Building Structures”. Various parameters such as temperature effect, variable load, accidental load, long-term load, wind load height variation coefficient and mountain terrain correction coefficient (word “correction coefficient” provided by Industry Encyclopedia), etc. were added and adjusted. The contents and methods of wind vibration calculation have been greatly improved and improved. The basic snow pressure and basic wind pressure values ​​of some cities have been adjusted, and new national basic snow pressure and basic wind pressure maps have been drawn. Give us more detailed theoretical basis for the calculation.

In different regions and environments, the requirements for safety wind pressure of doors and windows are not the same. According to the comprehensive calculation of various parameters, the position and quantity of red dots are determined to ensure the required performance requirements. In general, the more lock points, the stronger wind pressure resistance of doors and windows. At the same time, the configuration of the lock points must also be considered. Only when the number and layout of the lock points in the doors and windows can be reasonably selected, the multi-point locks can play a more effective role. Under the premise of ensuring the performance of doors and windows, optimizing the layout of lock points and reducing the hardware use cost is the best combination. The calculation of the number of lock points is rather complicated. Here, a simplified calculation formula for the number of lock points is recommended:

Let n be a number of lock points; W a width; H a fan high; Wk a standard wind pressure; safety factor 2.5 times, then n = W × H × 2.5Wk / 0.8 (a)

Calculation example:

For a building in a certain place, the calculated Wk is 2.2KN/m2. The number of locks required for a window with a height of 1.2 and a width of 0.6m is:

N = 1.2 x 0.6 x 2.5 x 2.2/0.8 x 5 (pieces)

After determining the number of lock points, you need to select the appropriate hardware category based on the shape of the door and window profile section (the term “section” provided by the Industry Encyclopedia). Different hardware categories, the shape of the lock points and the use of methods are not the same, generally the hinged window or sliding support are considered as lock points.

2.3 Door and Window Hardware and Profiles

Any product including hardware accessories has its scope of application. There are no multi-functional hardware accessories that can be used to match all door and window profiles. In this regard; carefully select according to the requirements of the customer and the basic functions of the window. For aluminum (the term "aluminum" is provided by the Industry Encyclopedia) alloy door and window profiles, the profile section of the domestic aluminum alloy doors and windows is relatively standardized, more than 80% are European standard slot profile, matching is relatively simple. The profile section of the external hinged windows and doors is rather complicated. There are slots in the frame fans, no grooves in the frame fans, and no profiles in the frame and slots in the slots. The groove size of the grooved profiles will also vary. The aluminum alloy sliding doors and windows of the profiles are more diverse, hook Kai, Guang Kai, edge seal, the bottom, down the size of the profiles and other profile manufacturers are not the same. When matching, according to the characteristics of the profiles, the principle is to match the structure of the profiles as much as possible and to reduce the number of holes, to facilitate the installation and adjustment, and to ensure the matching of the performance requirements of the doors and windows. Therefore, the selection of hardware needs to be based on the specific analysis of different sections and reasonable selection.

Through the above analysis, we can have a preliminary understanding of the selection of door and window hardware. The diversification of aluminum profiles in the Chinese market has led to the unique limitations of current hardware configurations. The following principles for selecting hardware for aluminum alloy doors and windows can be synthesized:

(1)) The first thing to consider is the wind pressure resistance and airtightness required for doors and windows (the term “gas tightness” is provided by the Encyclopedia of Industry). Performance and stability:

(2) Select the hardware manufacturer with quality assurance and reasonable hardware fittings by the size of the door, window sash, profile section shape and opening method;

(3) When there is wind pressure requirement, the number of lock points and the layout plan shall be determined according to the local wind pressure standard value and the height of the floor to ensure the required wind and pressure resistance, airtightness and stability of the required doors and windows. Claim.

(4) Ensure safety: At the same time, consider the factors determined by the width and weight of the door and window sash to select the load-bearing stages, specifications, and dimensions of the load-bearing components such as window hinges (hinge), sliding supports, and pulleys.

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