6 stylish TV cabinets with storage function

No matter how long you spend facing TV every day, a TV is always a must at home. The popularity of flat-screen TVs has changed the appearance of TV cabinets. The integration of TVs and furniture is higher, so more details need to be considered when choosing.


The combined TV cabinet makes the TV placement more diverse and meets the needs of watching TV at any time and at home. Pay attention to the matching and installation methods between furniture and TV.

The living room cabinets are all in one convenient and easy to organize

Install the TV directly on the board attached to the living room combination cabinet, the overall effect is very good. TVs, decorations, books, and ornaments can all be fused together, and the positions of various shelves, cabinet doors, and drawers can be freely arranged according to the actual needs of the placed items.

All in one

Rotating tabletop for more comfortable watching TV

There are windows on the wall of the living room combination cabinet. When watching TV during the day, the lighting will affect the picture effect. This rotatable tabletop can easily solve this problem. When everyone watches TV together, everyone can have a comfortable viewing angle.

storage box

Put the TV in the bedroom storage cabinet

Although it is not a good habit to watch TV before going to bed, there are still many families who put TV in the bedroom. In the bedroom, a 20-inch TV is very suitable. After opening the cabinet door, the upper space accommodates various discs, and the bottom can be used for pillows and quilts, which is very practical.

Display type

Display shelf TV clever installation

The partition that separates the living room and dining room space reserves a place to install a flat-screen TV, which solves the need to watch TV while dining. The size of the TV should not be too large, it is more suitable within 37 inches. You can choose to install shelves, place DVDs and some audio-visual accessories.


If watching TV is not something you must do every day, and there is space for the TV, and sometimes other room functions, then you should buy a hidden TV cabinet and hide the TV in the right time. Convenient to create different room atmosphere.

Sliding doors

Keep the living room fresh

In a small space, if there is no excellent storage time, any extra decoration will appear crowded and messy. Televisions, DVDs, and various discs are enough to mess up the corner of the living room. Choose this cabinet with sliding doors, books, magazines, CDs, TVs, entertainment facilities can be installed. The TV is wall-mounted and looks neat. After watching TV, close the sliding door and keep the living room clean and tidy at all times. Sliding doors are most suitable for small units and save space. Above the cabinet, the height is exactly the same as the sight of people, and some decorations can be placed.


Sideboard TV cabinet skillfully transformed

Watching TV while eating is a habit of many families. This can be the case when the family is together. It is not convenient if you are entertaining guests. This sideboard uses an electronic lifting device to allow the LCD TV to be placed freely inside and outside the cabinet. The bracket itself is also designed as a wire slot to keep it tidy at all times. When entertaining guests, it can be transformed into a practical sideboard with various items for preparing meals. All the doors of the cabinet can be opened, and it is very convenient to get the contents inside.

Shocking audiovisual

Audiovisual unit hidden in bookcase

Every family will be limited by the space in the decoration. How to store more things in the limited space has become a challenge. For people with a collection of books comparable to small libraries, ordering a bookcase that occupies the entire wall is the best method, but this means sacrificing the placement of audiovisual equipment. This bookcase combines books, electricity and all audio equipment accessories together. Its thickness is only 25 cm. If it is placed in a wall, the effect is better. The part where the audiovisual equipment is placed can usually be covered with a door, and the appearance is still a neat bookcase.

Low cabinet

The low cabinet is the most common form of TV cabinet in the past. There are many styles to choose from according to the length of the wall on which the TV is placed and the style of the room. Now, the popularity of flat-screen TVs has enriched the styles of low cabinets. TVs can be placed on the wall or on the desktop, which is very flexible.

Low cabinet

Free combination of low cabinet units

In a small living room, small-sized furniture can make better use of every inch of space. This low cabinet unit can be purchased according to its own size. There are storage spaces under the cabinet, and items can be placed in different categories. With the storage wall mounted on the wall, the collection of discs can be seen at a glance.

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1. Technical standard: BS EN 10202, DIN EN 10203, GB/T2520 , JIS G3303
2. Steel type: MR, SPCC
3. Thickness: 0.115 - 0.50 mm
4. Width:  600 - 1050 mm
5. Length: 600-1200mm
Tin Coating: ordinary 2.8 or 2.8g and 5.6g or 5.6g, we can produce according to customer's requests
Excellent barrier property. Double pin hole dectecters during production, can 100% avoid pin hole defects.

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