10 pieces of decoration experience make your life beautiful

Keep an eye out everywhere, there are places to learn everywhere, and home decoration is the same. How to have a good life? Let's take a look at the 10 decoration experiences shared by Yancheng Home Network. Let you know how to do maintenance.

1. When the water supply pipe is used for the first time, water may be discharged. After a period of time, the water will gradually clear.

2. Do not use acidic or alkaline liquid when cleaning the faucet, nor use a rough rag or steel ball, otherwise the surface of the faucet will be pulled.

3. If you do not check in after the renovation, you will need to go out for a long time after you have a business trip, or when you encounter public water pipes, etc., it is best to close the inlet valve.

4. Before the electric appliance is used for the first time, it is best to check whether the electric appliance is damp and whether the plug wire is complete and safe.

5, the tiles should be cleaned frequently to keep the pattern clear, but you must use soft cloth when cleaning, can not use acid-base liquid and hard brush to scrub, otherwise it will destroy the uranium surface of the tile.

6, marble is a natural mineral, relatively delicate, and easy to fade, must pay attention when using. Do not allow colored liquids to remain on the surface, and do not place metal objects that are prone to rust on them for a long time. Do not use acid-base liquids when cleaning stains. Also be careful not to let heavy objects hit the surface or scratch the surface with sharp objects.

7, walking on the solid wood floor, do not use the sole to drag on it, otherwise it will cause the paint surface to become thinner and shorten the service life. If the heel has nails, it is not advisable to walk on it. Do not hit the surface with heavy objects. Avoid direct sunlight on the ground. To clean the floor, pay attention to the dry humidity of the mop, and avoid mopping the floor when the moisture of the mop is saturated. Make wax once a month.

8, wood products including porch, bookshelves, doors and windows. Pay attention to the moderate force when opening and closing windows and doors.

9, the cabinet door should avoid the water on the table to soak down to the door panel, otherwise it will be deformed after a long time. Door hinges and handles are loose and abnormal, and should be adjusted or notified to the manufacturer for repair.

10. The connecting parts and the chute should be kept lubricated and cleaned. The doors and windows that are not opened for a long time should pay attention to the rust prevention of the connecting parts.

It is a very happy thing to stay in a new home. It is often necessary to maintain a new life, and a good life will last. Today, the sharing of the decoration experience is here, I hope everyone will keep in mind these 10 decoration and maintenance experience. Let you have a good life and a beautiful mood.

Yancheng home network editor.

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